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"Manhã de Carnaval"

"Cast Your Fate to the Wind"
Michael Zisman - Mandolin, Jason Vanderford - Rhythym Guitar, Joe Kyle, Jr. - Bass
Special Guests: Doug Martin - Guitar, Andrew Speight - Flute and Saxophone, Ned Boynton - Guitar, Kim Nalley - Vocals
<dlTrack List
  1. Mimi's Mood (Michael Zisman) 6:45
  2. Chiquitita (B. Anderson, B. Ulvaeus) 4:02
  3. Manhã de Carnaval (L. Bonfá) 4:27
  4. Andrea's Dilemma (M. Zisman) 2:45
  5. Se Tu Sapessi (G. Donnarumma, A. Cavaliere) 4:29
  6. Anema e Core (D'Esposito, Manlio, Curtis, Akst) 4:44
  7. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (J. Dréjac, H. Giraud) 3:54
  8. Thank You (J. Page, R. Plant) 5:18
  9. Call Me (D. Harry, G. Moroder) 3:22
  10. Golden Earrings (Young, Livingston, Evans) 4:55
  11. Cast Your Fate to the Wind (V. Guaraldi) 4:57
  12. If I Had You (Shapiro, Campbell, Connelly) 4:31
  13. Stay (M. Williams) 3:08
  14. Careless Love (Trad., Lyrics: K. Nalley) 6:58
  15. Desperado (G. Frey, D. Henley) 3.28